Opioid Painkillers

Opioid painkiller addiction treatment is available when you contact our addiction treatment provider.

Opioid painkillers are among the most commonly abused pharmaceuticals in the World.

Studies have shown that many abusers of prescription painkillers and pharmaceuticals will turn to illicit street narcotics within a few years of their initial habituation. The chemical changes caused in the brain from prescription opioid narcotics are abrupt and dramatic. These dramatic changes in the way the brain chemically signals pain can cause adverse reactions when the chemical change is no longer present. Since the liver and kidneys are constantly trying to cleanse the blood of impurities and return to baseline, the drug is eventually removed from the blood within 5-10 hours. Hence, the underlying cause of addiction is when the brain is stimulated by a desirable change, then the substance is removed from your blood and your mind wants to return to the desirable state. Addiction treatment facilities are designed to taper that addictive process gradually to stop withdrawal from occurring until full substance detoxification is met.

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Below are commonly prescribed opioid painkillers, their potency when compared to the baseline morphine and other pharmacology.

Drug Relative Potency Nonionized Fraction Protein Binding Lipid Solubility
Morphine 1 ++ ++ ++
Meperidine 0.1 + +++ ++
Hydromorphone 10
Alfentanil 10–25 ++++ ++++ +++
Fentanyl 75–125 + +++ ++++
Remifentanil 250 +++ +++ ++
Sufentanil 500–1000 ++ ++++ ++++
Etorphine 1000–3000

As you can see, morphine has derivatives that are up to 3000x stronger in their activation within the brain. Addiction to opioid drugs can be stopped with aggressive addiction treatment tactics. Many addiction treatment providers accept all forms of insurance to minimize the out of pocket expense for detox and rehab.

Options for Opioid painkiller addiction treatment are available now. Enroll in a drug rehab clinic for opioid painkiller addiction by calling our treatment providers. Doctors who specialize in addiction treatment will ensure you are freed from the dependence of opioid painkillers. Opioid substance dependence is so acute that it’s considered a disease. Many individuals suffering from opioid addiction through prescription painkillers undergo horrendous withdrawal symptoms. The powerful withdrawal symptoms instigate dependence and make it difficult to discontinue use of the opioid drug. Patients of an opioid drug rehab clinic can gradually discontinue opioid use while under medical supervision. This allows the user to minimize addiction and dependence while completing cessation of the opioid narcotic.

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